the Neighborhood Design Center

NDC partnered with the Baltimore Environmental Equity Partnership members on a grant funded through NFWF. The goal was to engage communities in their neighborhoods with environmental education walks, tree planting events, and vacant lot designs. NDC worked on the engagement and design for the vacant lots. We worked with two neighborhoods: Broadway East and Oliver. 

The Baltimore Environmental Equity Partnership (BEEP) is a coalition of baltimore-based organizations working on community development, community organizing, environmental and health advocacy, and social justice. Using a collaborative approach, the partnership brings together multiple skill sets, services, connections, and expertise to provide collaborative projects to Baltimore Neighborhoods and groups. 

For the Broadway East project: 

Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake led community nature walks with local faith-based organizations. ReBuild Metro provided grant management and community outreach. Neighborhood Design Center provided community engagement and designs for the vacant lots.Blue Water Baltimore led tree planting efforts in the neighborhoods.

Broadway East received a design for the area behind 1230 N Gay st (a row of new homes constructed by ReBuild Metro, one of the partners on the grant). 

Oliver received designs for a food forest to be added to the lot across from the Oliver Community Farm, and a redesign and additional space to the playground on N Bond street nearby that is looked after by a neighboring church.

Ongoing Updates:

ReBuild Metro is working with Broadway East and engineering firms to get the park constructed. They just received funding through NFWF to fund the implementation. Eventually once all sites are built they would like to get funding for maintenance of the spaces, either through paying community members or hiring contractors. 

First concept review in the Oliver Neighborhood. Jenny Guillame from ReBuild Metro talks to Oliver Community members.