the Neighborhood Design Center


November 16, 2022

We Attended the Association for Community Design’s 45 Annual Convening

Association for Community Design (ACD) 45 Annual Convening

A few team members traveled to New Orleans for the Association for Community Design (ACD) 45 Annual Convening. The two days were filled with walking tours, discussions, learning, and more. It was an opportunity to connect and reconnect with designers, educators, collaborators, conveners, and facilitators.

Our team had a chance to learn about community-driven projects in New Orleans, and hear stories of personal and professional accomplishments and challenges from other conference attendees. The conference included a series of fun and exciting workshops and tours. See video here.

The neighborhood Design Center joined equity design immersion with New Orleans communities.

The Event theme was “Emergence,” and said:

“The Louisiana bayous are sometimes murky but fertile places where diverse ecologies and cultures have come together for centuries to create histories of resistance, fugitivity, and freedom. Diversity is always greatest where these edges meet and blur, and while change is constant, communities across the world have found themselves in a world of growing threats and challenges.

Emergence will be a time to explore our human relationship to change and build our capacity to shape the futures we want to live. Together we will draw insight and inspiration from the resilience of New Orleans’ watery geography, its deep history of community-driven change, and the liveliness of its enduring cultures as we prepare to overcome our
collective challenges.”