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Cheverly Town Council voted in June 2020 to remove the image from the current town seal depicting Mt Hope House, which once served as a plantation.

In 2021, the Town chose Neighborhood Design Center to assist the community in developing a new town seal that reflects the values and identity of Cheverly today. 

Neighborhood Design Center has been working with the Town Seal Commission, a group of citizens and youth invited by the Council, to have participation from each of Cheverly’s six wards. The Commission and NDC kicked off the design process in June with an exploration of community values.

Over 200 people responded to a survey administered over the summer, which highlighted several important Cheverly values:

    • Community and Togetherness

    • Diversity and Inclusiveness

    • Celebrating Nature

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In the fall, we attended Cheverly Day and shared our concepts with the neighborhood asking for feedback.

Some examples featured the town’s tree, the chestnut oak, while others abstractly showed the celebratory fireworks the community enjoys in the summer, and others featured a script from a historic, recognizable sign in the town. Folks were able to respond to options that ranged from ultra-contemporary to traditional and classic.

The dedicated Commission met several times over the next few months to further refine the top choices, requesting variations to narrow down the strongest mark.

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In the spring of 2022, the design for the city’s new official seal was chosen by community popular vote.

With a nod to Cheverly’s history, the seal incorporates the lettering used on the prominent Cheverly sign. The script brings a human, hand drawn feel, while the connecting lines that form a circle represent community and togetherness. The blue-green color signifies nature, and the seal’s openness feels classic, clean, and bright.

The NDC team provided Cheverly with the various design files and a style guide that showed how to use (and not use) the logo for greatest success.

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