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July 26, 2023

Volunteer Spotlight: Natalia Bezerra

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With a background in landscape architecture, Natalia began her journey in community-driven design, working on diverse community revitalization projects in Prince George’s County, MD.

She went on to work as a Chesapeake Conservation Service Corps Volunteer with the Neighborhood Design Center in 2015. Her volunteer experience laid the foundation for her commitment to designing community spaces. After her volunteer service at NDC, Natalia went on to earn an MFA in Art, Space, and Nature from the Edinburgh College of Art.

“I was motivated by the opportunity to design spaces for the community and with the community!” says Natalia. She believes in the power of collaborative efforts and the impact of spaces designed to address the needs and desires of the people they serve.

Her experiences have led her to think critically about inclusivity and accessibility in design, ensuring that all voices are heard and that all community members feel a sense of ownership over the places they inhabit.

Natalia advises those who want to get more involved in their neighborhood or community through volunteering, advocacy, or leadership but don’t know where to start: “Ask yourself which issues matter to you most and look into local organizations that do the work!”

Finding a cause that aligns with your passions can be a great first step toward making a meaningful impact.

If you are interested in getting involved in your community, volunteer with us!