the Neighborhood Design Center


October 30, 2023

Thank You to Contentful, our Website Partner

We love using Contentful as our CMS Platform

Contentful is a great solution for Design Center. We can create and edit our custom, eye-catching site without stress or reliance on an in-house developer.

So what exactly is Contentful? Here’s how they describe themseleves:

Contentful is the intelligent composable content platform that enables both technical and non-technical users to easily create, manage, publish, and expand distinct content experiences for any digital channel.

Contentful’s visually engaging interfaces are tailored for every contributor — making it intuitive and simple for developers, content editors, marketers, and writers alike to all play an integral role in shaping and delivering compelling experiences together.

A traditional, siloed CMS can only manage content (text, images, or videos) for one particular channel at a time. With a composable infrastructure like Contentful, content is broken down into small, modular components. Users build content once, then reuse and publish it for multi-brands, use cases, channels, and regions.

Check them out!