the Neighborhood Design Center


November 9, 2023

How We Made a Difference in 2023

Making communities more equitable

The Neighborhood Design Center (NDC) strives to make neighborhoods safer, healthier, and more equitable through community-led design and planning services.

What’s the driving force behind this transformative work?

It’s supporters like YOU!

We recognize NDC’s responsibility to design for a more equitable future in and with historically disinvested communities. Your generous contributions have enabled us to continue pushing back on inequitable systems and supporting community power. 

This past fiscal year alone, you were instrumental in helping make a meaningful impact throughout Baltimore City and Prince George’s County. 

Volunteers donated 1,995 hours of expertise on community projects, equating to a $208,184 investment!

With placemaking as one of our key focuses, we worked together to support our communities in pursuing their visions.

As we prepare to host Placemaking Week 2024, we are reminded that placemaking includes everyone and is about creating spaces that truly belong to the people who use them.

Increasing access

We know that well-designed public spaces make communities safer, happier, and healthier, but not all neighborhoods have equal access to resources to improve their public spaces.

That’s where we come in, working together to increase access and create positive change.

While we have made great strides this past year, our work is not done.

Our goal

Our goal is to raise $20,000 by year-end so we can continue to provide professional design and planning services to those who need them most. Can we count on you?

A team effort

Thank you for your continued support of NDC and investment in the future of healthy and equitable neighborhoods in Baltimore City and Prince George’s County. We couldn’t do it without donors, supporters, and volunteers like you!