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October 5, 2023

Board Member Feature: Dahlia Nduom

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I’m sure you can tell, we love our board members! They are doing amazing things within our communities and fields, and we believe they are true pioneers and change-makers.

Board member Dahlia Nduom helped Howard University’s Department of Architecture host and organize the first US Conference on Housing, Land and Property in Crisis Contexts.

The event was designed to share experiences and practices relating to Housing, Land and Property (HLP) issues faced by displaced and at-risk communities and to build a community of practice and identify steps forward.

Dahlia helped organize the Domestic Policy and Practice session, which investigated the Housing, Land and Property (HLP) challenges faced by both sudden and slow (or repeated) onset disasters. 

The session investigated these challenges through the interrelated lens of domestic land tenure, economics, health and architecture to understand best practices and policy in the context of climate change, resilient design, and climate gentrification. 

The session also highlighted the importance of community engagement in addressing HLP in crisis contexts and approaching these issues intersectionally to understand the social, economic and spatial issues at play as well as the role of community institutions in preparedness, responses and advocacy (eg. religious institutions).