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October 18, 2023

Baltimore to Receive $1 Million Bloomberg Philanthropies Grant

Signal Station North event using light to activate the neighborhood. Photo by Karl Connolly.

Baltimore is One of Eight U.S. Cities Selected

The $1 million grant is through the 2023 Bloomberg Public Art Challenge, a program that brings people together to address important civic issues through public art.

Our Partners

Led by Central Baltimore Partnership (CBP) in partnership with the Baltimore City Mayor’s
and the Neighborhood Design Center (NDC), the winning project “Inviting Light” will encompass five temporary art installations in public spaces of the Station North Arts District. See some of our Signal Station North lighting work here.

The Vision

Under the direction of artistic lead and curator and contemporary artist Derrick Adams and lighting designers Flux Studio, each of the five interventions will engage with light — artificial or natural — in some way and will respond to the project’s investment in creating accessible public spaces for everyone.

The project will engage groups that are typically overlooked in (or intentionally excluded from) the city’s public amenities. Each of the five sites has been identified based on lighting design analysis and robust community engagement. 

The Plan

Adams will program a kick-off event in early March 2024 with the support of the
Neighborhood Design Center to ask audiences to engage with and consider light in new ways, while teeing up a year and half of activation through the five installations. The installations will be designed by local artists working with community members, Flux Studio, and NDC.   

“We believe that every community deserves equitable access to well-lit spaces. With Inviting Light, we will be demonstrating how artist-led and community-informed light can be a catalyst for safety, inclusivity, and vibrancy.”

Merrell Hambleton, NDC's Program Manager of Arts Planning and Cultural Programming

Photos and Videos for Press Use

Photos and videos from the previous Public Art Challenge are available here. All the images provided are free to use and downloadable. Credit Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Media Contacts

Sara Warfield, on behalf of NDC

Rebecca Carriero, Bloomberg Philanthropies