the Neighborhood Design Center



May 21, 2021

What’s Happening around the 4x4 Neighborhood?

Proposing upcoming projects in the 4x4 and adjacent neighborhoods in Baltimore.

Last month, NDC attended the 4x4 Earth Day event hosted by the North East Housing Initiative (NEHI). At this event, our staff shared ideas for neighborhood-level improvement projects that the community developed. This event allowed NDC staff to share information with a broader set of stakeholders. 

We are excited for this project, which will soon result in a neighborhood plan document that outlines potential interventions to amplify and enhance the beauty of the 4x4. The goal is to make the streets welcoming to all neighbors. 

NDC is pleased to support NEHI’s innovative work to provide healthy, quality housing at an affordable rate. NEHI is a deeply invested partner making meaningful change in the neighborhood.  

We are also delighted to share that NDC is supporting another project, located adjacent to the 4x4 neighborhood. We are working with the Laurel Cemetery Memorial Project to support the design of a permanent memorial park in recognition of the thousands of African Americans interred at Historic Laurel Cemetery. This project was started to ensure the site’s safety and stability into the foreseeable future and to educate the public about the rich history of the cemetery and the lives of those buried there. 

The cemetery, containing undisturbed and unmarked burials, is located on a site that now houses the Belair-Edison Crossing Shopping Center. 

The histories of Historic Laurel Cemetery and the 4x4 community are directly linked and we are looking for opportunities to share these stories in the public realm.