the Neighborhood Design Center



December 14, 2020

Teaming up to Bring more Green Spaces to East Baltimore

We are proud to be one of many non-profit organizations that make up The Baltimore Environmental Equity Partnership (BEEP)! Collectively, we make moves toward social justice and community development, while advocating for environmental health.

We recently collaborated with our BEEP counterparts on a NFWF(National Fish and Wildlife Foundation) grant for the greening of East Baltimore. ReBuild Metro is leading us through the Oliver and Broadway East communities while we engage residents in the site selection and design process for green spaces in their neighborhoods.

This project will result in three spaces designed in two neighborhoods with residentsā€™ input.

A community volunteer speaking to two East Baltimore residents.

Special thanks to our partners Oliver Action Team, New Broadway East Community Association, Blue Water Baltimore, Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake, and Baltimore Department of Planning.

None of this would be possible without their hard work and dedication. Make sure that you are following our social media to learn more about this and future projects. We are looking forward to bringing more green spaces to East Baltimore and beyond!