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November 9, 2021

PGC's Fall 2021 "Growing Green with Pride Day" was a Success!

We’re always honored to be a part of a Prince George’s County Beautification Initiative. This time, the project spanned 2 municipalities, 7 schools, and 9 community groups.

Through Growing Green With Pride day, we worked with community partners and volunteers on multiple sites throughout the county. Each site had a goal to “grow green” by using plants in their own way to support their vision. 

Beacon Heights restored and repainted their community entrance sign and asked NDC for a colorful, full-seasonal planting to complete their entry.

"With this much expertise, we have the right trees and shrubs that are native to our region and will sustain the beautification of our community and not destroy its habitat."

Ina Fells, the Woodlawn HOA

Sis’s Tavern, located in North Brentwood, is a historical Black musical venue from the 1920s, played by nationally famous musicians once they finished their performances in D.C. The building is currently under restoration through another NDC project! The goal was to use plants that matched the time period of Sis’s in the 1920s. The community wanted a
lot of seasonal colors and evergreens to be a lively counterpart to the existing vibrant murals created by Jay Durrah.

The students at Eleanor Roosevelt High School helped plant 22 trees on Growing Green with Pride Day.

Learn why we selected certain trees, shrubs, and perennials and their benefits. (Side note: We always try to select deer tolerant species as deer can be found munching on plants just about anywhere in the County.)

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