the Neighborhood Design Center


January 13, 2020

Last Chance to Apply to Join our Board of Directors!

Ready to make a palpable impact in who gets access to quality design? Now is your opportunity to be a part of what we do. 

The January 10th deadline for Board Nominations just passed, but we’ll make an exception for you this week! Here’s what you need to know.

General Responsibilities for Board Members include:

+ Understanding NDC’s mission, history, constituencies, projects, and core values.
+ Attending and participating in Board meetings (6 per year), committees and activities.
+ Being an advocate for NDC, its mission, programs and accomplishments.
+ Helping identify potential opportunities for new projects, partnerships, supporters and volunteers.
+ Supporting the chapter financially by participating in fundraising including: soliciting volunteers, sponsors, donors, and by making a personal contribution.

The term for a Board of Director is three (3) years, and can be renewed for another three-year term.

Are you interested in learning more?

Apply to join our board here.