the Neighborhood Design Center




January 18, 2021

Happiness Lives in Hyatt Park

Since the spring of 2019, we have been working with the City of Hyattsville to enhance the popular pass-through landmark known as Hyatt Park so it better serves current and future patrons.

Prior to this partnership, no pedestrian and street access, landscaping or play infrastructure existed in Hyatt Park.

That’s why we provided space planning, visioning, research, and design services in the initial stages of this project. During the co-design process, we brought together city employees, neighbors, and our staff designers for community listening, engagement, and brainstorming.

As she discussed our approach in the design process, Allie O’Neill, a project coordinator in our Prince George’s County office, said, “We wanted them to take the blinders off and see that parks can be so many things. Our way to do that was getting people laughing.”

Our staff designed the age-old charette, and other creative activities, such as a “dating profile: and the pairing of realistic and fantastical scenarios. These activities compelled participants to fulfill the goal of this design, which involved using their imaginations and thinking outside of the box, which was the goal of this design.

Staff members Allie O’Neil and Laura Kendrick are behind this design, which features a tree allée and lighted walk along the Hamilton Street border, along with a multi-use outdoor stage, and new play equipment and seating.

After the design was completed in the summer of 2020, we continued to support the city by advising the installation and landscaping plan. The key success of this design includes the option to host larger events, such as the Hyattsville summer concert series, a myriad of free play, an improved pedestrian experience, and long-lasting sustainable seating.

Half of the tables are also ADA accessible.

The pride that the Hyatt Park community has regarding the co-design process has overflowed to us. We are so proud that our work can bring happiness to residents, present and future.