the Neighborhood Design Center


December 24, 2020

Good Work, Great Impact

In the more than 50 years that we have been serving communities in Baltimore and Prince George’s County, people have had ample time to create a narrative encompassing what NDC signifies. Let’s dive into what NDC means to Prince George’s County Program Coordinator Laura Robinson and Enterprise Development DirectorDana Puzey.

Laura says that, to her, NDC means “Good.” We characterize the work that we do as good because it benefits the community, and creates beauty in the built environment for generations to enjoy. Laura’s work  in our Prince George’s County office focuses on the Arbor Day Every Day program. Landscape design and community engagement projects are also within her scope. These projects help increase tree canopy and green spaces in the county — which is more than good!

Dana said NDC means impact. What we do is magical because one project can impact a community in so many different ways. Our Community Forestry Program positively impacts the air quality by increasing the tree density through plan and design work, forestry management, and community engagement. Our Arts Space Technical Assistance program impacts local artists who take advantage of the services and create their dream space. These are only TWO of our MANY services. As you can imagine, our impact is huge and it’s only growing.

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