the Neighborhood Design Center



November 12, 2020

Get On Board With Us! Now is Your Opportunity to be a Part of What We Do.

In large part, NDC moves due to the efforts of our board members. The term for a Board of Director is three (3) years, and can be renewed for another three-year term. In brief, if you decide to join us, these are some of the requirements to be on our board:

+ Understanding NDC’s mission, history, constituencies, projects, and core values.

+ Attending and participating in Board meetings (6 per year), committees, and activities.

+ Being an advocate for NDC, its mission, programs, and accomplishments.

+ Helping identify potential opportunities for new projects, partnerships, supporters, and volunteers.

+ Supporting the chapter financially by participating in fundraising including: soliciting volunteers, sponsors, donors, and by making a personal contribution.

Are you ready to move with us? Apply or nominate someone who you think would be a great fit for our board. You have from now until January 8th to apply!