the Neighborhood Design Center


December 26, 2017

Duncan St. Miracle Garden’s New Mural

Manager of the Garden Honored by Artist Gaia

The Duncan St. Miracle Garden has been in operation since 1988, dishing out delicious, locally grown fruits and vegetables to the Broadway East community for two decades. Lewis Sharpe has been there since the start. He is the man who has kept the garden going all these years and made it thrive. Swing by the garden any given day and you are likely to see Mr. Sharpe planting, weeding, harvesting, or handing out produce to anyone who walks by. He is inseparable from the place, now quite literally. His face adorns a new mural by Gaia, the internationally-acclaimed, Baltimore-based street artist.  This mural project was completed this October, and has become a warm welcome to the Duncan St. Miracle Garden and the community.

Deep Three Thoughts Magazine covered the project process extensively on their Instagram page. Check out the link below to see how the mural came together!

In progress shot courtesy of D3t magazine. (@d3tconcepts)