the Neighborhood Design Center



September 9, 2020

ACD's 43rd Annual Conference is approaching

This year, The Association for Community Design (ACD) is hosting its 43rd annual conference entitled ‘Recenter.’ The title is reflective of the mission of the conference’s central goal, to solidify a sense of balance to design professionals, and community members. ACD realizes that in times of crisis, such as now, it is important that our responses to adverse situations are immediate. ACD seeks to provide organizers, advocates, designers, and other leaders taking direct action against systematic oppression and police brutality the opportunity to recenter themselves. The conference taking place September 21-25, 2020 will be broken into three parts; Recharge, Revisit, and Regroup. Attendees will reflect on moments in history that stretched them personally and professionally, and learn from these triumphs and trials. They will remind themselves why they began doing the work that they do in the community and refocus this ‘why’ to ensure that it fosters equity and justice for all. Finally, these professionals, community members, and advocates will identify ways outside of work that they can address systems of oppression, and be the change that we all want to see. This is not an opportunity that you want to miss out on. Registration for this event is open now. Register today!